Thursday, February 28, 2008

"Fanny Burp"

The cutest name for a fart I have ever heard! I almost love it as much as I love the term "coin purse" for testicles.

Anyway, I thought I would list my top ten favorite movies (that I can remember right now) They are listed in no particular order, just posting them as I think of them.

My Absurd Top 10 Movies list:

1. The Usual Suspects

2. Freeway

3. Heathers

4. American Beauty

5. Seven

6. Menace to Society

7. Requiem For a Dream

8. Boiler Room

9. SLC Punk

10. Hair

*The above photo is the sweet Stella, photographed in all natural light (different for me).


Davecat said...

There was an issue of Tank Girl where TG and her kangaroo boyfriend Booga get round to his parents for dinner, and at one point, Booga lets off a rather loud one. To which his mum replies, 'Now Booga, what do we say when we cough in our pants at the dinner table?'
I've always loved that. :-)

'DetectiiIIIIVVVEE!!' *Kevin Spacey's character shows bloody fingertips*
Just wanted to throw that in there.

Wanda said...

Hi, Stacy!
A little bird told me you left TDF. If it's true, it's about time. You don't need that place; in fact, being associated with it might taint your reputation...dunno. That dump is loser central (Not Bill, not Everhard, not Vanessa, not a couple others, but the rest...ewwww.) I plucked the two best guys and took them away with me--hahah!
Your photography is sPiCeE hAwT--but you know that, lol.
Oh, lurv me some Dorothy Parker!

DAN-VAN-COOL said...

Absurd? Those are great choices :)