Sunday, February 10, 2008

I am Ridiculous....

It's true.

I was invited by the International Center for Photography (I.C.P.) to submit my work for an exhibition.....but I missed the deadline. I fucking hate myself for it, and cried a river over my irresponsible behavior. On the flip side- my former instructor, has sent me information for a photography contest she thinks I should enter.

I'm not that good.

But I'll enter- you never know, maybe I'll get honorable mention. I feel a little stale in my photography lately- but you knew that from my recent blog entries! I am slowly coming back from a debilitating bout with the black dog (depression) and shooting is lagging behind. I have only been shooting once or twice a week....not great for somebody obsessed with every aspect of photography.

I have about ten rolls of film to get developed, I have to submit for this contest, and lastly I have to follow up with the publishers I sent my mock up to. I have another publisher that is interested in publishing the book- but I don't want them......

I want Tashen.

....I told you I was ridiculous.

*The above photo is Nicole, she is an angel.


bt said...

We missed you...


Chip Willis said...


I miss you too. See what I wrote about you on my blog.

D.L. Wood said...

You may delay, but time will not, and lost time is never found again.
Author: Benjamin Franklin

D.L. Wood