Wednesday, July 6, 2011

with a little help from my friends...

Sometimes the weirdest shit happens.

Not too long ago, I was contacted by a magazine editor. It's a New York based fashion magazine that I have been buying on and off for the past 6 years or so. Anyway, the editor contacts me about doing a shoot for the magazine and asks for a meeting. Of course I oblige, and show up ready for anything.

Damn good thing I was too!!!

As it turned out he wanted to use my dolls with some other photographer!!!! Are you serious? Wow. And in case I wasn't completely insulted- he had the gumption to say (and I'm quoting here), "I never even thought to use you as the photographer".


That was my ego smashing on the floor! He even mentioned a photographer that has nothing over me in skill or talent. But here's the funny part... he said everything I shot with the dolls has been done before, and he wanted to do something different- like body painting. HA HA HAHAHAHhahahahaha!!!!!!!!

Body painting? You mean like they do every year in Sports Illustrated?

Needless to say, I declined.

*the above pics are of Saglara and a bunch of lovedolls.


Marsii said...

I am glad you are back to your blog Miss Stacy! I missed you terribly. Also, screw those guys, you are the one and only doll photography that has ALWAYS done amazing and unexpected things with your gals. You are in whole another spectrum!

MJ said...

Sometimes, people suck. And he seriously, needs to come off his high horse and get back to reality. You're the Real Deal, Honey. You still have a lot to show the world, but you NEVER need to prove yourself. Remember that. XO

ERosanne said...

Yeah, that's rude... and ill-informed!
I'd have thought if they were looking for a photographer to shoot 'original' doll photos you'd be the obvious choice.
But hey, everything has been done before by somebody. You could try body-painting your dolls! :-)