Saturday, July 2, 2011

TriBeCa Rules...

What can I say about Tribeca?

It's the best place in NYC to live. The other evening I saw John Stewart sitting on a stoop texting. I saw Natalie Portman walking her dog- and a year later pregnant walking with her new man. Even JayZ talks it up in a song. Of all the places in NYC to be, this place feels most like a slice of suburbia- though it looks nothing like it.

Strollers, trees, dogs and cobblestone...

Yep, Tribeca rules.

*the above pic is of the very well known Collister Street, taken at dusk. There are NO PHOTOSHOP TRICKS! This is the pic in all it's glory.The shadowy figure is my sweet husband doing the modeling thing!

**This is a cell phone pic of the paparazzi just outside of my window. My doorman shoo'd them away, but they were waiting to take pics of Natalie Portman. I feel a little protective of her, she's tiny but also she subleased the apartment right above me while she was filming Black Swan. The paparazzi sucks.... stalker scum!

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Anonymous said...

As someone who has study architecture and is an amateur photographer, I love the contrast of this picture. The old style buildings on the left versus the more modern on the right. I think you have inspired me to find a place to post my pictures! Thanks, Stacy!