Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Ring Around The Rosie...

If my lens was named Rosie.

So I have had in my posession, the LaChapelle book since Friday. This has given me enough time to look at roughly half the book (it's friggin' HUGE). One thing I notice photo after photo, is LaChapelle loves himself a ring light. I have heard enough about their even lighting to want to check one out I rented one from Alkit Camera. It works better with LaChapelles style, I find the lighting too flat for my personal taste. The following photo is an example....

I start my second class @ ICP this week and I am super excited!!!! Look out world- a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.


theFstopshere said...

yow... you're taking classes at ICP. Bitch, I hate you! ;)
Seriously, that's a sweet deal... best of luck.

Chip said...

Mix ringlight with other lights or use as fill.

They are often overused, but in the right circumstance, they rock.

Did you see the shower shots on my blog?

I love those and its on of my fav times to use a ringlight.

Love your blog :)

Chip said...

PS That doll has some big Tits!


Normally I say Breasts, but this photo begged for it.


Chip said...

pss... I saw the comment about the Whisper song and laughed my ass off!

James M Graham said...

I am so proud of you!

And just to think back to January when you were all naked and shit and I said "You should go to ICP..."

; )

bt said...

Stacy, the photos! You were not kidding when you said you loved Dolls. I have been intrigued with their use in photos since Mr. Newton used them in his photographs. I don't have a "Realdoll"...I do; however, use a variety of 4 mannequins AND hand made Latex Masks...and I make my own "realdolls" using humans AND Mannequins with these masks on. PLEASE share more of your Doll photos...they are fantastic.