Monday, April 16, 2007

9/11 + 365 = 2272

A series of events following 9/11 brought me and my husband together. We didn't know eachother that day, but true love would be found because of it...

I was involved with a guy who wanted to change everything about me, we'll call him Dr. Dick (because he was a cardiologist). It was the day after my 30th birthday and I was down in the dumps. It was early and Dr. Dick called to see if I was feeling better and if I enjoyed spending my 30th at home sulking. I was NOT feeling better and just wanted to get the hell off the phone and have a pitty party for myself, so we hung up.

and there it was.

right in view out of my living room window.

the first tower was hit...I ran and grabbed my film camera with a 200mm lens and I began snapping away. How would they put the fire out? Was my first thought, and then the second tower. I caught the whole thing on film, I was crying and snapping, roll after roll...

after a week in front of the television, not eating, smoking waaaayyyyy too much- just crying in a deep depression. With the average age of the victims of September 11th being 32 years old, I realized life is too short to be unhappy. So I dumped Dr. Dick. How could I be with a man who hates everything about me? I am not a blue blood, I am not a W.A.S.P., I am a true Ginny from Brooklyn, NY. Deal with it.

So there we were, a year later in a Starbucks. Both single and both Wall Street suits. Our eyes locked and that was it. We talked a little bit each time we saw eachother and finally sat down one day to talk over a caramel macchiato. And we fell in love, right then and there. After a long engagement, we finally got married last year on April 13th in City Hall. Yep, I said it- City Hall. I fucking hate weddings.

But I love him.

And this Friday we were together officially for one year. The hallmark suggestion for a one year anniversary gift is paper, boring ass paper. But he one upped me with his creativity and bought me what I have drooled over for some time now...

That's alot of paper.


theFstopshere said...

:) Nice!

James M Graham said...

Oh My God!

I love him too!

Congrats on the anniversary, my dear!