Friday, March 2, 2007

That's quite a monkey you've got there....

I got another one email from telling me there is somebody searching for me. Well, I caved and joined for like a minute just to see who the hell it was....

I met David the summer before I turned 13. I was living in Brooklyn and extremely popular, he wasn't. But David was nice, and I could tell instantly he had a major crush on me. We became fast friends to the point of crapping with the door open (we were young and careless and perhaps a little twisted). We tried all the 1st's together- first time getting drunk, first time smokin' a doobie, first time cutting out of school. Hell we even stole our parents cars to "cruise" down 86th st. while we sang to the Beastie Boys. We would get money from our parents, then later that night take thier car to Flatbush and buy dime bags of shit weed off of some grimey mother fuckers. Once on a weed run we saw some kids light a bum on fire, we drove around the block twice just to make sure- we thought we were seeing things...we weren't

As we got older, we started to party hard at the Limelight on Wednesday nights, a.k.a. Disco 2000. David would eventually succumb to shooting heroin. He would rob his neighbors and eventually he would rob me. It was sad, his life totally fell apart, and I remember the volcano of a hole in his arm when he nodded off on my couch. A friend of ours was set up and murdered and David fell harder, it was a dear friend of ours, Ray. They had Ray meet them at a park and sliced his throat- then they proceeded to run him over...back and forth. David was no longer the David I knew. He had been jailed and married to drugs. I missed our friendship, in my mind David had died.

Well life has moved on and I am really in a lovely chapter of life. I have found my passion, my partner, and myself. I have left that chapter behind and was lucky enough to never make it past drugs like extacy, qualudes and weed. I will never know for sure why he is trying to contact me, because the David I know died a long time ago.


Chip said...

Wow. All of that seemed like so much fun, up to a point. Then it got really sad, but happy in the end, that you didn't end up down that same road.

Be proud of that fact ( I am sure you are! ) and keep fond memories, not only the horrific ones.

Tanya said...

sometimes you can't look back, unless your ready for some more drama.
Prob why i can't have a realionship with my sister, unless i'm ready to welcome the drama and feel defeated anyway.
I hope David is well, or at least he's still alive.
BTW i enjoy your blogs.

James M Graham said...

You know, my little student, your "blogging" is improving as is your photography - keep it up and know you always have a friend here.

We talked about Disco 2000 - yep.


Mihailo said...

It looks like this guy had his second, third and fourth chance squandered away and I am behind you 100% in your decision not to contact him.
There are some friendships destined to last for the whole life, and then there are others.


PS '300' is coming to Belgrade in couple of weeks. I wasn't planning on seeing it, but your enthusiasm has convinced me.