Friday, May 29, 2009

after midnight...

Today is the big day.

I am anxious and ready to be done with it.

I am grossed out about being awake for it.

I have never met the surgeon.

I have never spent the night in a hospital.


but I'll get over it.

I already miss sleeping with my stupid cat and husband and I haven't even left the house yet.

I'll be okay...

just you wait and see.

*the above photo is Realdoll Tiffany, a body7/face11 inspired by Lady GaGa and my husbands unwavering love for her...


K.H. said...

Good luck!

Anonymous Realdoll Owner said...

Good luck Stacy..I'll be thinking of ya..You will be ok!!

Hope you don't have to stay in there to long.

Hugs and Kissies to my sister from another mother..

Mahtek said...

Best wishes, Stacy, you are in my prayers.

The few people that I've known who've been awake for surgery have found curiosity and fascination to be the emotions most felt once the procedure has started.

When it is done, this problem will haunt you no more, and your own bed will feel better than it ever has before.

Crazyjose said...

We are with you Stacy and quick recovery.