Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I'm Slowly Turning Into You...

Isn't it funny how the longer you're with someone, the more you start to pick up each others traits.

My socks smelled like my husbands toes after a shoot yesterday.

That is fucking disturbing.

Have you ever smelled my husband's toes? Not good, people. There are people who actually never take the time to scrub their feet. Now, I'm not saying that it's all men in-particular...but I have noticed a trend amongst most men I've known- to skimp out on this very important step in personal hygiene. Let's just say my husband is from the school of thought that, "the soapy water has to pass over the feet, so they're clean".

I however take overly indulgent showers- taking extra caution to scrub in between each individual toe with a washcloth!!! So you see, my feet should smell like daisies- not like my hubby's feet!

Sorry I didn't post for awhile, I think from now on, when there has been a period of time where life is dull and consists of little more then dinner out and some over due retouching...I will post photos or something just to let you all know I am thinkin' bout this blog and those that like to read it!!!

On a side note; an update if you will:

My Husband and I have been together for a long time now. We've been through some rough patches- but in the face of a crisis (the ol' Strokey McGee thing) your relationship strength is challenged. It is then that you learn how important your partnership really is. Since the stroke, my husband and I, have each put 100% into making our marriage stronger. I wish I could bottle the emotions we've gone through together- and our ability to resolve our issues. I am proud that we are both on the same page. I was really worried about my marriage...I'm not now. And why should I?

We fucking rock together.

*the above photo is Saglara. She is a fashion model and therefore she is clothed! I am sorry to disappoint my fellow perverts, but every once in awhile the naughty takes a back seat to beauty. Saglara is stunning. A living doll from Russia.


e-string said...

I'm so happy that things have improved for you!

Stacy Leigh said...

Thanks E!!!!!

I love being married, but the challenges can be I'm sure you know.


e-string said...

Ha, only been married 2 days now! ;) But am not completely clueless to the challenges. I will continue to go with the flow and love each day. xoxo

Tanya said...

I'm glad he stepped up to the plate when it counts, sure you didn't get the sympathy you needed after the trip to the store, but when you get down to brass tax this is what matters.
And in the Winter time more so than ever.

Clothed or not i love seeing your new work.