Wednesday, September 10, 2008


...doesn't disappear with age- the definition just shifts a little bit.

It's official. I am 37 today.

37 years old and I still play with dolls. Like Veronica (my BoyToy hussy).

Here I am yesterday morning, no photoshop, the shitty little built in camera on my computer.

Just me, the last day I was 36 years old.


Houser said...

Sad... you're leaving 36 just as I'm almost ready to enter it. ;)

Chip Willis said...

Thanks for making me smile!

PS. You are still hot!

Sinem said...

my god; how hot are you???

Flavortang said...

You're husband's a lucky man, Stacy. You're talented and beautiful!

Mihailo said...

Stacy, at birthday you get presents not give them to others.
Well... unless you are a Hobbit.
(and looking at those photos, I can tell you are not) :)

Happy birthday - and, please don't worry - you are more beautiful than ever.

Davecat said...

Happy feckin' birthday, Stacy! You're 37, yet you're as whooped-up as a 12-year old. That's the way to do it!

Also, you are incredibly easy on the eyes. ;-)

Eagle1 said...

A late happy birthday Stacy, you still look stunning and as wicked as your dolls.

Tanya said...


BTW that B/W is pretty sweet!
Love the web cam pix, shows the personality of you well, from what i hear ;)

Happy B-Day!

James M Graham said...

HB to the hottest 37 year old I know!


D. Claude Katz said...

Wow, you were one hot 36-year-old! I bet you look even better now that you’re 37 :-)
You have a beautiful smile, which I’ve never seen before.

I’ve noticed that while, for my own taste, it’s probably true that women on average get less physically attractive as they get older, there are a great many individual women that get more attractive, at least through their mid-40s. So many times I’ve seen some young celebrity from the past being interviewed 20 years later and been amazed at how much more beautiful she is. (Of course, at 47 myself, I’m pretty much over the hill, even for a guy.)

Anyhow, Happy Birthday 4 days ago. (Maybe I should have clicked on the birthday notices on MySpace.)

Perry said...
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Perry said...

Happy Birthday, Cutie!


Stacy Leigh said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes you all!!

And Perry, thank you for the photo retouch! I look like a old faced one- but a doll none the less.

: )