Friday, August 15, 2008

Free Fuck Pass...

Yeah. Makes for a weird blog title, huh?

I'll explain...

My hubby and I have an ever changing list of five names. This is the list of people, where if given the opportunity to fuck them- we can. They have to be celebrities of sorts (best friends and siblings are deal breakers!!!) or well known models. Anyway, the list is ever changing and my list has finally gotten some new names on it! Here is the abridged version 2.0 in ascending order:

5) George Clooney (he is a classic)
4) Pamela Anderson (circa 1990's)
3) Seth Macfarlane (creator of Family Guy)
2) John Mayer (singer/artist)
1) Jack White (singer/artist/genius)

I wonder what my husbands list is looking like these days...

*the above photo is Dolce shot in Tribeca, nyc


Davecat said...

A free fuck pass! Decidedly better than an all-day clue pass. :-)

My five would be (in ascending order):
5) Ally Sheedy (circa The Breakfast club. In fact, if she were to dress like her character from the film, makeup and all, so much the better)
4) Delia Derbyshire (goddess of electronic music, circa the Sixties)
3) Edie Sedgwick (circa her beginning years at Warhol's Factory, before she really started getting looped out on drugs)
2) Shirley Henderson (love that Scottish brogue)
1) Winona Ryder (circa Bram Stoker's Dracula)

Fair warning, though -- I'm sure my list will change in about a day or two. You know how it is. :-)

bt said...

Can I post my 5?

#5 Paris Hilton (so I can personally find out what all the hype is about)

#4 Shirly Manson (Mrs BT Says the same thing about her)

#3 Madonna (on Mrs BT's hit list as well)

#2 Drew Barrymore (Dito for Mrs BT)

#1 This has been a fantasy for a LONG I have to group these 2 together (its a 3some) Sandra Bernhardt AND Shelley Duvall (don't ask).


bt said...

Damn..misspelled Sandra's name..will she forgive me?

I purposly left off Gina Gershon as she has fell out of favor with me since that silly restraining order she had filed against me for stalking.

Gotta go make a phone call to Gina to see if she has forgiven me and maybe we can make up!!..if she does not take my call..Ill fly out to ask her in person. silly...ME a stalker?


Wolf189 Photography said...

Love the shots and laughing at the list!