Wednesday, September 26, 2007

J•E•T•S•, jets, jets, JETS!!!!!

I know, I know....they suck. I have heard it my whole life from every damn forsaken Giant fan. With my dad being a season ticket holder most of my life, I had no choice. He spoon fed me the New York Jets since day one, and if you cut me- I swear I bleed green. I think being a Jet fan is a true testament to my loyalty and patience, because each year without a super bowl ring I can feel a little piece of me die.

There was something markedly different this year- they added cheerleaders!!!!! Hot damn! My hubby and I have been bitching about it for a few years now...and *presto*. The New York Jets "Flight Crew" is now a sexy reality. Their routines are more stripper then cheerleader...but who's complaining, they are HOT! After the game this weekend I checked the NYJets website and perused the "Flight Crew" gallery, and what I saw was sinful!!!!!! Poorly lit, unflattering, shitty photos.

So as with Howard Stern (hopefully with better results though), I got a hair in my ass to write the NYJets and tell them how they need to hire me for cost. I'll keep you posted on how it turns out. They'll probably think I'm a crazed fan!

For the next few weeks I will be around more often...alot of cool things are going on behind the scenes that I want to share- but I don't want to jinx it.

I love big boobs....


Eagle1 said...


Great photo's as always, hope the other things go very well for you.


JD said...

Best of luck with the other things.

Chip Willis said...


I am a Browns fan.
Maybe one of these years.


Davecat said...

You could be worse off, Stace; you could be a Lions fan. :-)

Lovely pics of Tanya, as always!...

Nerlande..... said...

oh you.
check my blog out.
it's new...yay

James M Graham said...

I can't think of anyone better for the job!