Monday, July 30, 2007

Howard Stern

is funny guy.

But I kinda doubt they'll have me on the show. After a quick conversation with 'Will', I think he was disappointed that I don't bang the dolls silly...lest we forget, I don't have a weenie!!!

This might go nowhere.

Only time will tell. Or is it: Only 'Will' will tell?

we shall see...

the above photo will be uncensored in my's very naughty.


Davecat said...

Or is it "Will" time tell? That doesn't make sense.
You don't need Stern anyway! You're your own hype machine!

And going by your recent photos, that book is looking better every day. ;-) I assume that's the other face you recently purchased?

rentell said...

So this is where you are now.
Good to see your still charging along with your photography and havent given up, in fact your just getting betterer and betterer.

Looks like you have taken up on Wandas qoute (the stench of loser sweat drove me away, lol.) and left the TDF never to return which is probably a goood thing,(to limiting) still I for one miss your comments and new photos.

Great to hear that your idea for a book is taking off, looking forward to seeing it when its published, I will keep popping back into here to keep up with the news.

You certainly are moving in new and much more intreresting circles, H.Stern no less !!
(I'm a Brit so never heard of him but I'm sure he must be famous.)

See ya around Ray.

Richard Womack said...

SO May I speak for you ? Coffee,tea,or smokes for whom it may be-fore:Cookies & Treats are indeed.

uch said...

I love the new faces you have gotten for your dolls. What face types are they? Really miss your shoots on TDF, but Im glad you still show some pics in your blog. Good luck with your endeavours and may your Jets win enough games to make the playoffs again this year.