Friday, February 16, 2007

The Sow is MINE!!!!!!

Ahh, recognize that line from anywhere?? It's actually from the movie 'The Exorsist'. I used it because according to Chinese horoscope, it is the year of the Pig. Supposedly, this is my year....

Tell me what you think:
No sooner do I toss a dart ay Playboy for losing it's edge, do I receive an email from Debbee M. with the title "You". Much to my suprise they are thinking of putting me in the main issue as Employee of the Month as a photographer. pfftt. of course I said SURE! I sent off about ten photos of me from every concievable angle, and I am waiting to hear back from Debbee. As soon as Chicago makes a decision- I'll know for sure. I could use the exposure as a photographer.

As if that weren't strange enough, I am then contacted THE NEXT DAY- by an editor for Playboy telling me that it's too bad they have plans for Susie DaSilva (read the last post to find out about her) because they would like to use my photo of her guzzling milk in a future issue (see above). In fact he told me that if there is any photo I take that may interest him, to forward it to him, because he is keeping a file on me...I have a file at Playboy??

....I have always said swine is devine


Mihailo said...

Congratulations on this sudden break. Hope it goes well...

As far as files go, it's OK until you get one with the FBI or CIA.

(Perhaps Playboy is going for the Big Brother effect...)


Chip said...

Good luck!

Tanya said...

that is awesome! do you feel like your being watched now ;)